e-Commerce solutions

We design tailored and customized e-Commerce solutions that meet the functional needs of serious businesses.

General features

Our applications natively support localization, Web sites can display pages in as many languages as you need. Geo-location is built-in, you can sell in the currency of your choice at the geographical locations of your choice.

There are no limitations in the amount of vendors that can sell products/services on your e-Commerce platform, you can have as many vendors as you wish. The payment of fees between vendors is possible.

Web sites networks are supported, you can can have several Web sites sharing the same database if you need to use to sell distinct categories/families of products/services through specialized sites, and they can be under the same banner / domain name using sub-domains. The authentication system is unified and works like a passport when your sites are in the same domain: your users/customers can authenticate themselves in any of your Web sites and be automatically recognized in all Web sites, gaining access to all their exclusive content.

Products can be of any nature:

  • They can be services.
  • They can be physical (in which case shipping fees and stock management are involved).
  • They can be digital (in which case they are made accessible for download at any time after purchase).

A product doesn't actually need to be just that: in the case of digital items, as many items as you wish can be attached to a product, so you can perfectly make a package - why not an online course - that contains several items to download; you can naturally mix things too, a package with a CD that you will ship and a bonus download for example.

To state the obvious, our e-Commerce solutions come with the following business management features:

  • Customers base management
  • Products catalog management
  • A real cart system
  • Sales & invoicing management
  • Mass-mailing capabilities
  • A powerful promotions management system

Your customers have access to their purchase history and their digital items at all times via their account page. They also have the possibility the define several billing & shipping addresses.

Products management highlights

The products management system comes with a powerful categorization system that gives great control over the way products will appear in your application(s) and where they will appear. In addition to that, products can be featured to give them even more visibility. Products can be made temporarily unavailable as well, they will automatically disappear. They can also disappear automatically when they are out of stock. An unlimited amount of images can be attached to a product and you can use HTML code in their description. Shipping fees are definable per product in the case of physical products.

Promotions management highlights

The promotions management system lets you define promotional actions that can be automatically promoted and applied, or that will be more personnalized and will require your customers to enter a code during the checkout process. Since the platform maintains a customers database and has a mass-mailing capabilities, sending news about promotions and/or personnalized promotional codes to the person(s) of your choice can be done in just a few clicks.

Schedules can be defined in every possible way, you have total control over the periods when a given promotion is active: every monday, every 2 days, every week-end, every 13th day of the month, once a year on New Year, on wednesday every 2 weeks, the 3rd week-end every 4 months, or simply during 10 days starting from tomorrow, anything you could think of is possible.

Promotional actions can target an unlimited number of products; they can grant a flat discount or a percentage, but not only that: you can attach an unlimited number of free products as well. If you need to be able to offer a free digital item and a CD when your customers purchase a t-shirt or a pair of shoes, you can do it. You can do pretty much anything you could think of.

The promotions management system naturally integrates nicely with the stock management system, automatic promotions will be automatically hidden when you run out of stock for a particular product, and customers will be warned when a product can no longer be given for free because it is no longer available.

The really nice feature: the image server

We have our own image server, enabling many awesome capabilities for the presentation of your products. All you have to do is upload pictures for your products, they will automatically be displayed in the size(s) of your choice in your product catalog and product detail pages. The image server enables nice zooming features and a number of additional effects like gray-scaling or blurring.


As briefly mentioned in our introduction, our platform has mass-mailing capabilities so that you can reach your customers and keep them informed about what's going on. We use our own e-mail templating engine and manage clients subscriptions internally, so we do not depend on any particular provider and all we need is a SMTP server. Your customers can naturally choose whether they want to receive your mailings or not. E-mail campaigns for recipients that are not in your customers base are possible too, although we have to admit here that our platform doesn't support (yet) "unsubscribe lists" for non-customers (but we do not advise sending unsollicited e-mails). You have access to analytics with our preferred mailing platform (SMTP provider), although you can use your own provider. By the way, mass-mailing is blazing fast.


Security is at the center of our preoccupations:

  • Encrypted communications are always enforced and use the latest standards.
  • Each logical and physical layer in our architecture is protected by a security validation layer. Depending on your infrastructure, physical layers can reside in their own isolated network.
  • The modification of sensitive personal information (user name, password and e-mail address) can only be performed by the users themselves and can only occur via a secure change process.
  • We do no store passwords in clear in our database.
  • We do not store any banking details and we completely delegate the secure processing of payments to companies that are specialized in this (like PayPal).
  • We do have an elaborate role-based security system built in that protects access to applications, to screens and even to functionalities inside screens (which is pretty interesting when several different persons have access to your management application and each one needs to be able to perform different things but shouldn't necessarily have access to all functionalities).
  • Several counter-measures are put in place to help prevent spamming and/or hacking bots.
  • Sensitive functionalities are protected against abusive usage.
  • Our applications make use of a deep logging system that allows to trace absolutely everything that happens in the system, we know everything about the clients, about what they do - at the finest level - and about the data that gets exchanged between every software component in the context of their requests. This information can prove very useful in legal matters or when technical problems need to be investigated, and it makes us able to react very quickly.
  • It is possible blacklist / ban IP addresses.

Payment methods

We natively support the "PayPal Express Checkout" and "PayPal Adaptive Payments" payment methods. We can add support for another PayPal API or integrate our e-Commerce platform with another payment platform but additional custom development will be charged for the implementation. Our preferred payment method is the "PayPal Adaptive Payments" payment method because it enables chained & parallel payments, which basically make it possible to support having multiple vendors on an e-Commerce platform and to deduct fees when a sale is registered for a vendor; it also comes with the advantage that vendors are paid directly and immediately, moving a part of the responsibility away from you in case of refunds.

PayPal will validate your business and e-Commerce Web site before granting access to its "Adaptive Payments" API and it can take a little bit of time. Other payment platforms probably also have their own policies, requirements and approval processes, and you may be required to own or represent a real/legal company.


Our platform is in constant evolution, existing features are improved and new features get added regularly. If something is missing, no doubt it will be added.

Industrial-grade solutions

Our software complies with the highest industrial standards in security, scalability, robustness and performance.

The systems are designed to fit any business size and to be able to grow when your business grows: we do distributed computing using a n-Tier architecture, our applications can run on a shared virtual server or a private virtual server, on a cloud or on a dedicated servers infrastructure. Servers farms with load balancers are supported at each layer and database clustering is naturally supported too.

Everything is designed to deliver high performance while being able to handle heavy load.

We do not use general public technologies or software packages like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Not saying that these technologies and products are bad, simply that we are not graphists, theme makers or package customisers making web sites: we are seasoned hardcore industrial developers & architects and we create our own software using the best software engineering tools like the biggest corporations to achieve the best results in a customized way. We create functionality, unique functionality, and we do control every aspect.

Other types of solutions

Our competences are not restricted to e-Commerce solutions or Web development, do not hesitate to contact us if you need something else.

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