About us

We are seasoned hardcore industrial developers & architects.

We have worked on many industrial distributed systems: Service Oriented Architectures & TCP client/server architectures, backend & frontend (web and desktop applications). We also have system engineering certifications, our skillset goes beyond software engineering and this makes us even better software engineers. We did this as consultants and as freelance developers for about 20 years and became acquainted with many technologies over the course of our career.

We have worked in a wide variety of business areas: energy trading, telecom trading, rail engineering, finance, gas & electricity grid operators, strategic consulting, medias, e-Commerce... to name a few. We had the opportunity to work with some very interesting people in very interesting environments, learnt a lot and learnt to understand businesses and people's needs. We are familiar with the way the business world works.

We worked in Europe, moved to the US and started our new New World IT Solutions company very recently to focus on the creation of our own product.

We can do pretty much everything and we are absolutely comfortable with huge/complex architectures and big projects.

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